Friday, September 5, 2008

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If you'd like to contact me by e-mail I can be reached at orchidsixtyfour (at) gmail (dot) com. You'll have to replace the words in parenthesis with the keyboard symbols, but you should not change the "sixtyfour" to numbers. The numbers are actually spelled out in the address.

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nuitdepluie said...


I love to read your blog, especially the chocolate reviews;)
I was wondering if you also tried some Lindt-Chocolate, or if they are totally of the radar. I think they don't do some special Japanese Editions, but was wondering anyway.

Keep tasting, and make us people living abroad jealous of your gourmet exploits;)


Orchid64 said...

Hi, Mariska, and thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment.

Regarding Lindt, their chocolates are currently being distributed in Japan by QBB, a famous maker of processed cheese.

Their web page on Lindt is currently here:

The line up that is shown appears to be pretty much imports and not dissimilar to what is generally available abroad. The flavors are bitter praline (dark chocolate praline), white chocolate, white chocolate with crispies, bittersweet, "Swiss traditional" pralines, and milk chocolate. None of it looks uniquely Japanese, but I will keep my eyes open just in case anything comes along!

Anonymous said...

Any idea as to if the Kit Kat Espresso Coffee Chocolate Bar is available in Canada... or rather in Edmonton??

Orchid64 said...

Hi, there. I'm afraid that I don't know where to buy things in various places. You might want to check various on-line sellers of Japanese foods like J-List and see if they have these available.

Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...

Hi there: I was wondering if you can help me decipher a Japanese snack. I bought it at a local farm in Northern NJ the other day. All I know is that it's delicious, is distributed by the Hadson (Toko) Trading Company Inc. of Maspeth, NY weighs 1.90z, has pictures of chips and vegetables on the front. is green and yellow with a pic of the chips and a carrot on the front. everything else is in Japanese!!! i cannot find any English on the bag. I have a UPC # 4902683604062 Can you help me find out what it's called? thanks!!

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Rachael, and thanks for reading!

I did some research on Hadsen and they carry snacks from a wide variety of Japanese manufacturers, so it's difficult for me to track down the product you are asking about. If I knew the Japanese manufacturer, it'd be easier. The UPC code doesn't come up in any searches, unfortunately.

Would it be possible for you to take a picture of the bag (clear and big enough to read the characters) and either send it to my e-mail address or post it somewhere? I could be of more help then.

Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH!! Yes I saved the bag...I can't read the language on it....thats why I gave you all I had! I will completely e-mail you a photo tomorrow. thank you so much!

mambo said...

Hello Orchid!

I really enjoy your blogs. One of my friends recommended your personal blog to me and over a period of maybe 2.5 months I read both your Monster Flower and My So Called blogs. I started with the earliest posts so by the time I had gotten to the most recent post of Monster Flower, you had already -- unfortunately for me -- stopped blogging. I thought you might be interested to hear that someone had read your blogs cover to cover, so to speak.

I'm also from PA and I've lived in Japan for 8 years so I could relate to a lot of what you wrote about. Some of your posts were really thought provoking for me. I'm sorry that you stopped those blogs, but I do enjoy this blog and the 1000 Things blog, too.

Let us know if you start a personal blog again!

(I was going to email you this, but my gmail is down today. Hope it's okay to post here.)

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Mambo, and thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate that you took the time to say what you did. Given that sometimes I received negative feedback from my personal blogs, it's very gratifying to receive such positive feedback.

If I ever personal blog again, I will certainly announce it on these blogs so that those who followed the other blogs will know, but, to be perfectly honest, I find that rather unlikely. Right now, if I have something to say which doesn't suit these blogs, I write something for blogcritics, so you may want to check there periodically for any new pages.

Thanks again for your lovely comment and my best wishes to you. :-)

J said...

Hello, remember me?

Anyway, you mentioned before about wanting me to review 'the vanilla version' of the cream o cookies. Just letting you know I purchased them earlier and will be reviewing shortly. (possibly this weekend) So just be on the look out. ^_~)b*

-Jessica (Yonezawa City)

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Jessica, and thanks for the head's up! I'm subscribed to your blog so I should be catching every new post from now until you decide to stop blogging. ;-)

Kristy_KxK said...

hello! Its really fun to read about your snacks review. Since I'm going to Japan next week, I'm really troubled as to what should I bring home as an omiyage for my family. But after reading your reviews, I think I have a pretty clear idea.

Just want to ask, most of the snacks you reviewed can be gotten at most of the combini right? Like those limited flavors kitkats and stuffs?

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Kristy. Thanks for reading and I'm glad to hear that you find my reviews useful!

Most of the things I review can be found at convenience stores, but many stores do not keep a wide variety of things like special edition KitKats around at any given time. I think 7-11 and Family Mart are your best bets for chocolates. Depending on where you visit, you might also want to visit a dedicated snack shop if one is in the area you visit.

Have a nice trip!

Kristy_KxK said...

Thank you!! I'll try to hop by any 7-11 or family mart I can find while in Tokyo!

I guess funky flavoured snacks are something to bring home and share it with my cousins. =)

Thank you for your help again! And do continue to review those snacks!

Retrograve said...

Hey there, love both of your blogs and have been enjoying 1000 things about Japan greatly.

I was wondering if you could tell me what this snack is called?

I've yet to open the bag because the art is so pretty.
Much appreciated. :D

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Taki, and thank you for your kind words about my blogs and for reading!

Regarding the candy you pictures, it's supposed to be "candy from around the world" (hence all of the flags on it). It is hard candy which has the following flavors:

cheesecake, tiramisu, milleufille, apple pie and mango pudding

I've never seen this before, so I'm afraid there's not much else that I can tell you except that it is made by Kanro, a company that makes a lot of hard candies in Japan. The packaging looks great though!

Retrograve said...

Oh, thank you so much! You even gave me the flavors too!

Ari said...

Hi! Nice blog. I'm glad I found another source for information on snacks :)

BradleyNASH said...

Hey I was wondering if I can feature your page on mine as well as be on yours :) Is that possible???

My page is whatsstockyeating dot blogspot dot com .... please :)

Lizabet said...

Thank you for this great blog, thanks partly to you I have developed a critical weakness for Kameda Crisps and bbq sembei. I have another favorite I can't find locally (south PA), which is some kind of wheat shell with nori strips and soy flavoring and a peanut suspended inside, but I know if I keep reading you'll review it eventually!

Hope you're doing well over there and keep up the interesting reads!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks, Jill! I really appreciate your taking the time to say such kind things!

I hope I find the snack you're describing!

bennyrubin said...

I have a small collection (about 45 different flavors) of Kit-Kats, some of them rare (including Framboise-flavored, Banana-flavored in bar form, Maple Syrup-flavored, Ume Soda-flavored) that I would like to pass off to someone.

1) Some of them are expired (some long expired)
2) Here is a link to an (unlisted) video tour of them:
3) I am more interested in giving them away rather than selling them-- I want to give them to someone that will care to have them
4) If the person lives far away or shipping is an issue then perhaps we can arrange for the person to pay for shipping. I live in Tokyo.

Twitter: @bennyrubin to get in touch.



Orchid64 said...

Hi, Benny. I'm not sure if anyone will see this comment and respond to you. I think your best bet in finding a good home for your KitKats is to put an ad on Freecycle. That's where people list things they're giving away. The groups for various areas in Japan can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...


nice to know youu .. i love read your blog, i love japanese snack too but in here seldom sell snacks japan, so jealous of you >_<

everytime i read & see your picture it's make me hungryy .. it's so yummy,hahaha lol

oh, i've send an email to you, wanna ask something, dont forget to reply yup ! =)

keep tasting !

TheAuthor said...


I am going to Japan for the first time, next week, with my husband and sons. I have been trawling the internet recently looking for interesting blogs in an attempt to try and scratch the surface of Japan. I doing a Masters in Food Science and Technology at Curtin Uni here in Perth and your blog is right up my street! I can't wait to get stuck in. My only concern is how to match up the snacks we find with your posts, if any, as I cannot read Japanese, but I 'll find a way.
Your 1000 things blog looks like a good read too, we won't be going out to many izakayas on holiday as we have the kids with us so good reading material is high on my list of things to take.
We go to Osaka for 4 days, then Takayama for 2 and Tokyo for 4. Back home via Cairns - jetstar $189 bucks each way so rude not to.


Susanna Morley-Wong
I also dabble with a food (science) blog
www dot crackling dot com do au

Gulam said...

Hello Guys .. i am from India and My Best Friend Lives in Japan and he loves Lotte Custard Cakes so i wanted to Deliver bunch of those packets to his house ... but dont know how to order it online ... can you please suggest me something ...