Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cheetos Cheese Fondue

When I saw the illustration on the front of this package, I thought there was no way the corn puffs inside were going to actually be coated in cheese. I was wrong. Each puff is coated in something, though I don't think it is any substance akin to cheese fondue.

If you imagine the texture of chocolate coating, you come closer to what the cheese gunk on these Cheetos resembles. It's slightly tacky when held in the fingers. You don't have to worry about getting any flavor powder on your hands, but you may end up with weird light yellow goop smeared on your fingers if you hold one of these long enough.

These smell rather funky, like some sort of odd type of cheese that you figure rich people eat because it's expensive, but regular people avoid because it doesn't taste very good. The feel of the coating on your tongue is bizarrely cool. They taste strange though there is certainly a cheesy flavor in there somewhere. I'm not sure if the whey flavor is too strong or if there is just way too much sugar (and not nearly enough salt) in them, but something is definitely wrong with the taste balance.

A 35 gram (1.2 oz.) bag of these costs about 140 yen (about $1.35) so they're pretty expensive. There is also 183 calories in the package which makes them fattening even for a salted snack food. Everything about these is just wrong and I wouldn't buy them again.


ebidebby said...

The idea of Cheetos dipped in cheese makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Sherry said...

My kids wanted these so I bought a package. They both took one bite of them. The rest went into the trash.

Par said...

Mmmm......don't sound too good enough that I like to try them...hehe

Orchid64 said...

Ebidebby: Fortunately, they aren't cheese covered then dipped in "cheese", but they are still disgusting.

Sherry: I wondered how kids might feel about these given how gross they seemed to me. Sometimes kids take to things adults don't. I guess that they're just as repulsed by these as any adult!

Ilovepearly: Hi there and thanks for reading and leaving your first comment! I'm going to drop by your site and have a read.

Thanks to all!