Friday, July 17, 2009

Variety Friday: Domino's Sirloin Steak Pizza (& a blog note)

image pinched from the Domino's pizza site

Domino's has come up with what appears to be a manly pizza. Who doesn't find slabs of dead cow on a pizza masculine? This sirloin steak pizza is the newest in their parade of freaky pizzas. Looking at it, I'm wondering how one would logistically handle biting into largish pieces of meat on a slice of pizza. You would have to gobble down all of it in one bite or have razor sharp alligator teeth to tear through it.

Don't be fooled entirely though. They've squeezed in certain girly attributes that may undermine the testosterone boosting aspects of placing large hunks of meat on the pizza. There's grilled eggplant and truffle cheese sauce. I think the truffle part is the white goop artfully squirted in a circle under the meat.

What is more, there are peppercorns on it, but they're not the usual black ones or even the less common white ones. They're pink peppercorns. I'm pretty sure that eating pink peppercorns automatically means you have to start wearing women's underwear under your suit.

If you want to sample this tomato -sauce-less pizza, which also has sauteed onions and steak sauce, you'll have to fork over 4200 yen ($45) for a large or 2800 yen ($29.40) for a medium. I'm guessing it's expensive because a chef is expertly preparing the steak fresh and carefully slicing off the pieces so that you have nothing but the best on your pizza. At least that seems to be what my menu is implying with the picture on the front. If you don't see him behind the red, white and blue uniformed Domino's staff, I'm sure he's just temporarily in the can in back.


And, as a side note, I'm going to put the "Variety Friday" posts on an extended (but still temporary) hiatus and post a regular review on Friday instead. It isn't because I am having any issues with doing these types of posts, but rather because my review backlog is starting to get unwieldy and I need to deplete it a bit. I like to have two weeks of reviews behind me in case I'm busy or sick and can't work on new ones, but now it's approaching the point where things might be too outdated if I hold onto them for too long.

So, those who wanted more reviews can rejoice at getting 5 reviews a week instead of 4. Those who like Variety Friday posts will have to be a little patient. They'll be back later. Thanks for reading!


Kelly said...

Do you really think that Japanese have the perception of masculinity vs femininity? I've noticed that on Japanese tv, and even Yasu himself, seems to have no suggestion of it. For instance my FIL wears Hello Kitty underpants (tmi) and no one even blinks an eye and calls him feminine. Yasu happily carries my handbag through the shops for me if it's too heavy, and carries his lunch to work in a pink cream cram bento bag, the fact that other guys hassle him about it (because they're western) is totally lost on him because he thinks it's a nice bag.

I don't know if it's our family in general but masculinity/femininity does not seem to rear it's head up around us.

So the fact that it has eggplant or truffle does not say to me outright that it's got some feminine qualities. I think men in Japanese are not scared to say they like either of those for fear of being called feminine.

I agree with you that the pieces of steak seem too big to bite, I guess you might eat this with a knife and fork. If I was buying this I would want to know where the steak came from. Is it aussie steak for that price? or is it kobe beef? $45 for a pizza, it would have to be top notch.

Orchid64 said...

My readers are not Japanese, and those comments were all in jest. So, the humor is directed at English speakers, not Japanese people.