Monday, August 16, 2010

Fujiya-Baskin Robbins Collaboration Chocolate

I haven't lived in America for quite some time, but I don't recall there being as many cross-company collaborations as I tend to see in Japan. I'm sure there are some, but they seem to be a bigger deal here. "Look" chocolates by Fujiya are something that I haven't covered in this blog before, but they're a filled chocolate which usually has just one flavor represented. Because this is supposed to be a mix of Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors, this box has a mix.

I have been seeing these around for a long time, and did want to buy one eventually and review it, but one of my husband's students gave him this and spared me the 100 yen ($1.11). I still see them at various shops including some 100 yen stores, drug stores (which often carry snacks), and Okashi no Machioka discount snack shops. There are 12 small bits, about 3 cm x 2 cm (1.1 in. x .8 in.), of chocolate in the box and four flavors - strawberry cheesecake, jamoca coffee, orange sherbet, and vanilla. Each candy is 19 calories and the whole box is 229.

Each of these had a soft, creamy filling and a bittersweet chocolate shell. The chocolate melted easily in my mouth despite having been refrigerated

Strawberry cheesecake:

This had a nice, slightly tart strawberry flavor, but it was quite weak and tended to fade away in the bittersweet chocolate's intensity. For someone like me who isn't a big fan of strawberry chocolates, this was fine, but it will disappoint someone who likes to taste strawberry more potently in their candies.

Jamoca coffee:

The coffee notes of this definitely competed better with the bittersweet shell. I could taste the bitterness of the coffee and the smoother milky flavor. I enjoyed this one, and would consider it the best addition to the box.

Orange sherbet:

As a big fan of orange sherbet, I was looking forward to this one the most. The surprising thing is that the filling really did taste an awful lot like Baskin Robbins orange sherbet. I was blown away by the verisimilitude. This was also nice, but I think that it didn't match the chocolate flavor as well as the Jamoca coffee flavor.


This one mainly tasted like smooth, milky chocolate. The vanilla flavor really didn't show much of itself but rather muted the strong bittersweet notes. This was surely a nice enough chocolate. It just wasn't very distinctive.

This entire collection is pretty nice. The chocolates contain fresh cream and butter and have a decadent feel on the tongue. For a consumer level candy, they are rather rich and I would recommend them for anyone who likes bittersweet chocolate. If you're a milk chocolate fan though, you may want to give them a pass because the bittersweet nature really does dominate a fair amount.


ebidebby said...

I've never been a fan of Look chocolate, since it never seemed to taste as good as Dars. Your review makes me think I should give it another chance!

Dani said...

I would so buy a few boxes as gifts to take back to California! Like you, I probably would have enjoyed the Jamoca one the best, since I like coffee and bittersweet chocolate.

Manderiffic said...

Just today I stumbled upon your blog and I am OBSESSED! One of my best friends just moved to Japan this month with her family. They are there with the military and are going to be there for 3 years. Her move has brought on a fascination in me of all things Japanese. Since she will be gone so long, I want to have some idea what she's talking about and I'll know what some of the strange things she sends me are. I love your blogs and your writing style. Thanks for helping me be not so clueless!

storybookdreamer said...

Magnificent! I love mixes like these! These look super lovely, and sound super yummy! I wish they had these here!!! I would definitely snatch it up!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment and read! I really appreciate it. :-)

Ebidebby: It's hard for anything to compete with Dars. These are a different animal, but still a good one!

Dani: I'd go for a whole box of the coffee ones!

Manderiffic: Thanks so much for your kind words! Perhaps you can ask your friend to send you a few of the choicer items when the weather cools off (and the chocolate isn't at risk of melting in the post!).

storybookdreamer: I'm actually inspired to give more Look chocolates a try after this one.