Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Picture 33

Click this small picture to see a bigger one with more detail.

Glico must be pushing to increase Pocky sales since i've been seeing large displays of them at drug stores in my area. The thing that caught my eye is the "Stick to fun" slogan on the display boxes, both because it is in English and becuase it's a pun. You don't often see puns in English on Japanese products because the humor is pretty much lost on the natives (understandably - how many non-Japanese would get a pun written in Japanese?). Though English is often used, it's more ornamental than message-related.

The first flavor on the left is called "gokuboso", which is a thinner version with "rich chocolate". Next to it is "tsubu tsubu" (pebbly) strawberry which has little lumpy bits of dehydrated strawberry in the coating. Then, there's the obvious almond crush and regular Pocky. The "gokuboso" is issued as what the Japanese call "renewal" which in English would be "rerun of a minor variation that we're trotting out again."

If you'd like to download some freaky desktop pictures with a Pocky theme, they can be accessed here.


gossip_bangkok said...

Ohhh. I shall go into town to see if Pocky is having a sale here because I love the cookies/almost crushed ones! :)

Donkuri said...

so yummy!!!I like poki °Q°