Monday, January 3, 2011

Meiji MeltyKiss Whips

Looking at the illustration on the front of the Meltykiss Whips box, I imagined a fluffy interior that would melt in my mouth like a Samba Kisses Better. Now, I realize that that is an obscure reference to many of my readers, and that is all the sadder for you. I'm not reviewing Samba Kisses Better because it is a product produced in Denmark, but it's dome of whipped egg whites, sugar, and chocolate on a super thin wafer base. It's light as air and melts in your mouth like the fluffiest marshmallow ever. If you can, go buy one now. I'll wait here for you to come back and thank me. Go on.

Getting back to the matter at hand, the Meltykiss Whips, I'm sorry to say that they do not live up to the image or to a Samba Kisses Better in terms of their texture. Though they are very light and smooth when melted on the tongue, the initial impression is almost one of chalkiness, but not in any sense which could be considered negative. It's chocolate that has been aerated while warm and then has solidified into extremely fine catacombs of chocolate that are so tiny that you can't detect.

The texture is decent but it's the taste that really stands out. The flavor has depth and complexity depending on how you eat it. The initial notes are bittersweet then it becomes milky and sweeter. It tastes a lot like a chocolate truffle, albeit a relatively low-rent one. Because they are covered in a fine dust of cocoa powder, I'm guessing that is part of where the bittersweet element comes from initially.

I bought these for 168 yen (about $2) at Okashi no Machioka discount snack shop, but they are currently available in convenience stores and supermarkets for a somewhat higher price. I may have miscounted because I ate a few before writing the review, but I believe there are thirteen tiny pieces in the box. Each is about the size of your thumbnail and super light. At 23 calories each, they are a delight without a big caloric impact.

I would definitely recommend trying these if you are a chocolate fan. Since I have never sampled the regular "Meltykiss" releases so I can't compare the "whips" to the normal version, but these are very good quality consumer chocolates. They'd make a great gift for someone who is squeamish about more Japanese sweets.


Sophia Lee said...

Wonder if it's a bit like The Three Musketeers in U.S. I'm not much into airy sweets, but I've tried regular Meiji ones before and they were surprisingly good!

Ikkin-bot said...

MeltyKiss is a great product name! :)