Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Picture 64

Pepsi has introduced yet another in its small line of infinitesimally different Pepsi drinks. This is in contrast to its line of extremely odd and interesting drinks like Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi White, and the nadir of Pepsi weirdness, Pepsi Shiso. The main selling point of Pepsi Dry is that it is a less sweet version of Pepsi. Perhaps there is something wrong with my taste buds, but few colas strike me as overwhelmingly sweet. Of course, it could be that I just consume so many artificial sweeteners that my tongue has become deadened to the effects of real sugar. At any rate, this offering is 11 calories per 100 ml., which makes it a mere 55 calories per 500 ml. bottle. Clearly, less sweetness carries the benefit of also having less sugar and fewer calories. I haven't reviewed this, and I'm not sure that I will because I'm pretty sure it won't be significantly different from regular Pepsi. Also, I'm not quite ready to pay 147 yen ($1.80) for a bottle of soda. When it shows up for 100 yen in the cut-rate bins, I may give it a go.


Paul said...

I wouldn't say that it tastes like regular pepsi at all ;)

Sherry said...

I am not sure that the concern is really the sweetness of regular soda. I think the whole point of all these "calorie off" drinks is to tap into a market that has been basically ignored - people who want less calories but few or no chemicals. There's a new one of these drinks everyday seems like. They are less sugar and calories than the regular version but still usually made with at least a portion of real sugar so people who are both trying to watch calories and yet avoid excessive amounts of artificial sweetners have something on which to spend their money.

Orchid64 said...

Paul: Oh, great. Now I have to review it! ;-)

Sherry: This isn't really being strongly marketed as "calorie off". There's no mention of it in the large print or on the front of the bottle, just a little mention on the side. The big push is the "dry" and less sweet part, at least in terms of the prominence of the advertising. That being said, I saw an ad for it on the train yesterday and the model was as close to anorexic as one can get without looking totally skeletal (her arms were twigs), so you may be right!

Thanks for the comments!

elle marie said...

I'm not a soda drinker, I want to avoid artificial colors, flavours, but once in a while I do have a craving for cola, over ice... ahhh so refreshing!

I'm a soda water drinker though, and I love natural carbonated waters, and sometimes sweeten mine with juice, I grew up on Pieree, but my folks buy the lesser expensive brands now that they sell them... If I had to choose Pepsi Or Cola, I love cola.