Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine KitKat (Lemon)

The outside of the box says something like "for someone important". One has to wonder how important a person who receives this can possibly be if you're only going to buy them a KitKat bar at a convenience store for Valentine's Day. Of course, as I mentioned in the previous post, these things aren't given to one's dearest love. They're given out of obligation to coworkers and other males that one is obliged to.

This box has a special set-up on the inside so you can write a message for the recipient. You're supposed to tear off the top and fold the box into a single packet box with the message concealed inside. If you look at the top picture, you can see indentations to help you bend it properly. That means that the important person gets two fingers only. That's okay, because you can eat the others yourself. Unlike conventional KitKat packaging, calorie information appears nowhere on this box or the packages. This is par for the course for food that is intended to be given as a gift in Japan. They don't want to spoil the enjoyment with the painful reality.

These bars smell pleasantly lemony. The outside is a little soft, and is, of course, white chocolate infused with lemon. It's sweet at first and is followed by a good lemon tartness. These remind me of some lemon candy in the U.S., possibly a lemon drop, but I can't say for sure. These are really nice and have a great "freshness" from the lemon. I think that the sourness of lemon also does a good job of mitigating the tendency to produce overly sweet white chocolate-based KitKats. I'd definitely recommend picking this one up and sampling it, or buying one for a Valentine and keeping the other for yourself.


Kelly said...

Is this anything like the lemon cheesecake kit kat they had a few years back?

I love the box, it's sooo cute!

CrackerLilo said...

I love lemon, and these sound really yummy to me, but I don't associate either lemon or Kit-Kats with Valentine's Day.

ebidebby said...

Are you thinking of Lemonhead, perhaps? I love lemon/white chocolate, so I hope I can find these.

Anonymous said...

The First Kit Kat I ate in Japan was the Green Tea one horrible, but then I tried the Kabochan (pumpkin) and it was great... is cool to say all this flavors of Kit Kat would love to see this in Brazil, but with our economy it would never work