Friday, February 6, 2009

Aero Hotto (Hot) Milk

The Aero bar is Nestlé Japan's lesser loved child. Of course, daddy's favorite is the oft-manipulated KitKat. The original Aero is a chocolate coated bar of aerated chocolate. This variation is pretty much the same bubble-filled bar with white stuff inside instead of brown stuff.

Nobody has taken notice, but the Aero has seen quite a few flavor variations as well. They have included banana, melon, peach, green tea, strawberry, tropical fruit, and lemon soda. No, I didn't notice these flavors in the shops. I had to look it up on Japanese Wikipedia.

In some world where my anthropomorphized fantasies about candy bars have become a bizarre reality, I'm sure the Aero has intense sibling rivalry with the Japanese KitKat. They probably fight over lollipop girlfriends and compete for their parent company's affection.

At any rate, all of this fanciful writing is a cover for the fact that this is one boring bar so there is little to say about it. It comes in a box with two individually wrapped bars at 113 calories per little bar. It smells like cocoa, is quite sweet, rather milky, soft, and very melty. The big point of the Aero bar is that the bubbles are supposed to melt in your mouth and you can feel them. I can't feel them, but it does seem like the chocolate disappears super fast with all of that air in there.

This is a nice enough, if somewhat sweet and pedestrian bar, but it tastes just like plain Japanese milk chocolate with a bit of an acidic aftertaste. The hotto (hot) milk portion doesn't seem to do anything at all for it. It's utterly unremarkable except for the fact that it is airy. I guess that's why Japanese KitKat variations attract so much more attention than Japanese Aero variations. Sometimes Mom and Dad have a favorite for a good reason.


Kelly said...

Yeah, i had actually noticed quite a few different Aero flavours on ebay, the seller i buy from sells quite a few of them including bags of mini's.
I also bought the Aero drinks (choc orange, and choc matcha) which were nice but pretty small servings for the price.

I don't mind Aero, it's something different and in particular the tropical and strawberry were nice.

In Aus we only have mint or choc, so to be able to try different flavours is good.

However, something as bland as "hot milk" would not be my first choice, though against original i might buy it. :)

ebidebby said...

I've tried (and reviewed) a few Canadian versions of Aero (mint, regular, and caramel) and have had mixed feelings. I really love the mint, but the regular doesn't do much for me. I'd like to try green tea Aero someday, though.