Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ghana Cherry Marnier Chocolate

Since today is Valentine's day, I saved an item that was clearly released for the holiday. It contains the Valentine's candy flavor trifecta - red fruit (cherry), chocolate, and alcohol (cherry liqueur). In fact, it proudly announces that there is .4% alcohol in this candy on the box cover.

Inside the box, there are two little conjoined trays with foil covers. They look like they should separate in the middle, but they can't be pulled apart. They packaging is like this so you can bend the sections in the middle while keeping two portions in separate trays. Each little "twig" of candy is about 5 cm (about 2 inches) long and there are 8 in each compartment. They are 22 calories per stick.

These smell vaguely of chocolate, cherry and alcohol. The sticks are soft and melt easily in your mouth. The filling is like a firm ganache, though the coating is not very firm. It has a low melting point, though it doesn't melt in your hands. These taste like cherry cordials though their texture is very different. The flavor strongly reminds me of Cella's chocolate covered cherries. Since I used to love those when I was growing up in the U.S., I liked these a lot.

These aren't too sweet though they have a bit of a sharp flavor from the alcohol. I can see where some people may find them medicinal because cherry cough syrup contains alcohol and these incorporate similar flavors. I think these are very nice and I'd revisit them again without reservation. However, if you are the least bit of a mind to dislike any of the risky component parts (cherry and alcohol), you might want to give them a miss.


Kelly said...

Hi Orchid,

Nice post. I'd usually stay away from these because most things with cherry flavour tend to taste like cough syrup to me!

Just a heads up, i've changed my blog addresses because i'm sick of wordpress. I'm now on blogger too.

My new addresses are:

The old blogs have been deleted.

Kelly :)

PS - Happy Valentine's Day!

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Kelly, and thanks for your comment. I've updated my links to your blogs (review blog on this one and personal blog on my personal blog) as well as my RSS feeds.

I have a Wordpress blog which I use for students because I can password protect it and keep their comments and my private photos private, but I really dislike Wordpress. It may be my computer, but it's sluggish compared to Blogger and the interface seems cumbersome. The one thing is does have going for it though is that picture editing and placement is superior.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!