Monday, April 20, 2009

Marukajiri KitKat

I knew this bar wasn't going to be greatly different from a normal KitKat bar, but it's one of those things I bought because I wanted to eat it, not because it was going to be one of those oddball Japanese things. I bought this bar because it has a lot of layers of wide wafers and I love wafers because ut's thicker, wider and longer than a standard KitKat bar. It's essentially a full-size candy bar in KitKat form. It's like an enlarged KitKat finger, and I hope all you perverts aren't conjuring up nasty images as a result of my saying that.

This bar was released on January 12 in Japan and I'm sure it's just another brick in the KitKat wall, though it's a very welcome one. It has a thick milk chocolate coating and five layers of wafer. It's 236 calories, and I allowed myself to eat it all at once.

One thing this bar proves is that you can't beat a classic combination. I'd go buy a dozen of these and eat one every day for 12 days if I were allowing myself to be so overindulgent. The chocolate is creamy, milky, and has the right balance of chocolate flavor and sweetness. I don't know about KitKats in the U.S. these days since a lot of confectioners are replacing cocoa butter with vegetable oil (using "mockalate" instead of "chocolate"), but this is made with plenty of cocoa butter and is very good. The one thing I notice about this KitKat is that the basic milk chocolate and wafer combination KitKat isn't overly sweet. All of the specialty bars suffer from too much sweetness, but these are much mellower.

If this were a regular offering, I'd buy it over the average KitKat bar because of the greater proportion of wafer to chocolate. If you're a wafer fan, hoarde these while you can. They're mainly available at convenience stores rather than regular supermarkets.


ebidebby said...

They sell this as Big Kat in the US and KitKat Chunky elsewhere (Canada, UK, Australia - I think). I definitely prefer the Canadian, since the chocolate is better.

Kelly said...

Yeah it's Kit Kat chunky in Aus. :)

Nanagasm said...

I'm a kit kat big kat person :D