Monday, May 25, 2009

Pineapple Hi-Chew

There are a great many fans of Hi-Chew out there and I believe the pineapple flavor has been recommended to me by multiple people. And, I do like pineapple, but I'm not a fan of fruit-flavored candies. You wouldn't find me buying something like a Skittles or Starburst in the U.S., and I don't buy Hi-Chew. My husband, however, does so I have found myself in a position to review this oft-enjoyed treat.

Note that there are at least two kinds of pineapple Hi-Chew. This version is an Okinawa version. The stamp design on the package says "Okinawa" in Japanese on it. My guess is that you're supposed to only be buying this as a souvenir when you visit the southern part of Japan, but my husband picked this up in a sweets shop in Tokyo. The other version is "Golden Pineapple", and it's supposed to be sweeter than this version.

Hi-Chew are like a cross between gum and a caramel. They are chewy for awhile then melt away. I found this strange when I tried my first Hi-Chew, but rather liked it this time around. It's like having gum that never loses its flavor or makes your jaw tired.

The pineapple Hi-Chew smells a bit strange to me. There is a pineapple smell in there, but there's something else which I can't identify. It's organic, but ever so slightly unpleasant. The pineapple flavor in this is quite nice. It tastes like the real thing at first then there is some sort of secondary artificial flavor that kicks in. I believe this is the taste of the gum base that makes this a candy rather than a piece of, well, pineapple. The finish seems to send a burst of stronger, tart and acidic pineapple flavor over your tongue.

This was good, and I think someone who is more enamored of fruit flavored candies and the Hi-Chew texture would really love this. For me though, it is definitely the sort of thing I'd have to be in the mood for. I'd certainly buy it again if I had a yen for it (no pun intended).

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badmoodguy (Бадмўдгуи) said...

Seeing this review for Hi-Chew reminds me of Anime North 09 that I attended this last weekend. There were a large number of vendors selling Japanese goodies like Pocky and Hi-Chew to the anime fanatics.

I, of course, purchased a copious amount of Pocky including one of two remaining boxes of mikan Pocky in the whole place!

Thanks for getting me hooked on the mikan variety ... next time how about something more mundane and less addictive like heroin? ;D