Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dars Crea Marron & Caramel

Dars is holding a promotional campaign which says "1 chocolate for 1 smile." This is related to an NGO meant to help people in Africa using funds from chocolate sales. There's a desktop picture of a pretty big globe made out of chocolates that you can download if you like. It doesn't help people in Africa, but I guess the whole idea is the globe promotes the concept Morinaga is using to push the Dars brand. There's a screen saver on the same page (near the bottom) if you are so impressed by a world made of small chocolate squares that you'd like to see it every time your computer goes to sleep.

This is the second of the two "Crea" varieties currently available in my area. The other was hazelnut and was fantastic. You can buy these either in boxes of individually-wrapped pieces or in boxes with a tray full of unwrapped pieces. By happenstance, I bought the box this time around, but the candy is exactly the same shape and size and you get 12 pieces. The boxes simply waste more wrapping and allow you to perhaps share more easily or eat them more slowly.

Before I talk about this, I will note that I hesitated to try this one even though I adore chestnut (and Dars) because I was worried that the caramel component might be too strong. Like all Dars, the chocolate and filling are super smooth. This smells somewhat of all components, but not too strongly of any of them. The flavor comes in three waves. First, the chocolate, then the hazelnut chestnut, and finally sweet caramel. The balance is pretty good, though I wish the hazelnut chestnut component was stronger. The caramel flavor, which is the easiest part to screw up, was natural and subdued.

I' definitely recommend sampling this. Open up a piece and bite it in half then allow it to melt on your tongue. It's a sublime experience, but then Dars always is. You can't go wrong with rich, fatty chocolates.


Anonymous said...

Hazelnut = chestnut??

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... you find all the new, perfect delish chocos... okay.. I have to tell you, my husband surprised me yesterday with a bar of Lotte White Chocolate.. if you can find it... it contains enough cocoa butter and milk fat... but not as sweet as Dars (I love dars but it tends to be a bit too sweet for me.. so I savor it).

I LOVE nuts... esp hazelnuts, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.

Orchid64 said...

Anonymous: quite right...I started out saying chestnut and then mentioned the other one (the hazelnut one) and got my channels swapped by the end. Tis now fixed. Thanks!

Girl Japan: I have seen the Lotte white chocolate around, but since I'm not a white chocolate fan, I've sailed by. Chances are I'll sample it when I see it cheap or figure there's a reason - maybe a "white day" week. ;-)

Thanks for the comments!