Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 5

Click on this picture to see a somewhat bigger one.

There's a 100-yen shop that I rarely go to because it's relatively far from my house. As is so often the case, they stock snacks that are rather different from those at the other 100-yen shops. My husband said that the ramen package design on the top shelf (on the right) reminded him of the South Park 3D versions of their characters. Next to the ramen is a monaka version of taiyaki and a spindle of "marble choco", the Japanese version of M & M's (which really aren't that good). The bottom shelf has soy sauce Baby Star ramen snacks and some sort of curry-flavored curl which I hope to review some time.


Girl Japan: April Marie said...

I'm liking the new background!!!! And like the framed images!!!

Orchid64 said...

Hi, April Marie, and thanks so much for your kind words. I wish I could take credit, but Blogger introduced a new template editor and I leaped on it as the easy way to update the blog's look. ;-)

I'm still hoping to redo the banner graphic some time, but that volunteer project that I mentioned awhile ago vanished for about a month and a half and has come back up again. :-p

Girl Japan: April Marie said...

OH it has.. YOU HAVE TO DO IT.. I know you can.. that is your calling, and I'm sure you can clock clinical hours of some sort toward that something = )

haha "wink"