Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 8

My husband and I went to Inokashira Park in Kichijoji (Tokyo) to see the cherry blossoms on April 6 and took quite a few pictures. One of the shots is of a  young man grilling balls of dango. Dango are similar to mochi (pounded rice cake) and are usually made with rice flour. We didn't buy these because my husband doesn't eat this type of thing and I wasn't hungry, but there were a lot of folks walking around eating them. The idea of freshly grilled dango was very attractive to me, however.

Though I have reviewed some candy based on dango flavors, I have never actually sampled real dango. It's something I hope to get to eventually. I'm just waiting for the right situation where I'm in the mood and the flavors on offer are too enticing to pass up.


cinabar said...

Wow - and here was me thinking that they were marcsmallows!

Orchid64 said...

If they had been marshmallows, I would have bought one! :-)

Murat said...

het, i just started reading your blog, and i had a mitarashii dango today, and checked to see if you had written about it here. i don't know if you've tasted one yet, but it was by far the worst thing i have ever eaten in my life. not the mochi, but the sauce on it.. hard to describe. just thinking about it makes me gag. and well it's been 3 years since this post but still... those things are revulting.