Monday, April 4, 2011

Look Strawberry French Dessert Assortment

Though I've been late to the Look assorted chocolate collections, I've become a fan. They're firm chocolate shells encasing soft, varied flavorings. I get the feeling that the flavors are very carefully crafted to closely resemble the food they are emulating in a subtle way. I'm guessing that formulating these small bits of chocolate in such a fashion involves elves. Or, possibly fairies. I'm thinking chubby fairies with a refined palate and a sweet tooth who can't lift themselves with their delicate little wings so they are happy to spend their days laboring in Fujiya's chocolate formulation kitchen.

This crop of candies is currently available pretty much everywhere - hundred yen shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, snack shops. They cost me 100 yen ($1.21) for a 43 gram (1.5 oz.) box with 12 small pieces. Each piece is about 20 calories.

Each chocolate is based on strawberry, which is slightly disappointing as more variety, such as could be had in the Italian Dolce collection, would have been nicer, but it's not like the name of the candy wasn't a tip-off of what was to come. The basic construction for every variety is a chocolate shell and a soft center with a strawberry sauce on top of it.

Strawberry Mille-feuille:
There is a sharp, tart hit of strawberry and the tiniest bits of crunchy things in this to simulate the puff pastry aspect of mille-feuille. The chocolate is slightly bittersweet and makes for a very good contrast with the strawberry flavor, which resembles extremely intense jam.

Strawberry mousse:
The same strawberry flavored sauce is on top of the "mousse" interior of the chocolate. It's not quite as intense and there is definitely a bit of lightness to the filling and a dairy flavor which is reminiscent of mousse. Adding in this noticeable textural element that simulates the light sense of eating a mousse in such a tiny chocolate is pretty impressive.

Strawberry cheesecake:
Like the mousse, this has a light filling, but it's marginally denser. It also has the familiar tang of cream cheese. It is well-complimented by the small amount of strawberry sauce and larger looming chocolate flavor.

Strawberry champagne dessert:
I knew this was going to be my least liked variety and I was right. There's really nothing wrong with the chocolate itself. I'm simply  not a fan of boozey flavors in chocolates. The "champagne" part tastes to me like cheap white whine, though as these types of chocolate go, this wasn't bad at all. The strawberry flavor paired well with the wine flavor and the finish on the tongue was of chocolate.

This is another very nice international flavor collection of "Look". If you have a particular fondness for strawberry chocolates, don't hesitate to give this a try. It's good quality and the strawberry, while not real, is not overbearing or offensive. The chocolate remains the main star and it is fine quality consumer chocolate with a good flavor and texture that is accented by the strawberry and other flavors. I would definitely buy this again, and will be sampling future Look flavor collections based on my positive experiences so far.


Anonymous said...

Ooh. This is one I've wanted to try since I saw pictures of it online! Eep. It looks good, but it actually doesn't sound that good...too much strawberry packed in one box I suppose.

Orchid64 said...

I definitely would have preferred something with more variety, but these were still good. I ate the box over a long span of time (only one or two chocolates per day).

Thanks for commenting!

Ikkin-bot said...

I had a similar type of LOOK chocolate assortment - a la mode (you should look at my blog about it

Orchid64 said...

I did see it on your blog! That assortment comes and goes every year. If you'd like to do a guest post review of it, let me know!