Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Picture 69

My husband and I dropped by a market designed to sell products in bulk to restaurants and people with big freezers and little cash to pick up a jumbo pack of their smoked chicken. We don't have a big freezer, but we do have fairly little cash. The market also sells a lot of "off brand" items at discount prices (39 yen for some generic cola when cans of Coke retail for 120 yen). The canned coffee pictured above caught my husband's eye because of the message printed on it.

I'm sure it is meant as a gentle promise, but to me it comes across as a command. The impulse to look obediently at the can and say, "yes, master," was hard to resist.

Just a gentle reminder that there is a contest running for two weeks to win a few snack and snack-related goodies. If you'd like to enter, the details are in this post.


Retrograve said...

Always like when a drink demands I have good time especially in good English. lol

A bit off topic but I've heard they have a menthol Beverage in Japan? Have you ever come past it?

The idea shocks me really.

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Retrograve, and I'm sorry in the delay in answering your question.

I've never heard of or encountered a menthol beverage in Japan, but I'd guess it wouldn't be marketed toward the likes of me. Chances are it'd be marketed toward men and those who consume energy drinks at that. If I ever do, I'll certainly review it!

Thanks for reading!