Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Picture #80

The Daiso is a 100-yen shop chain which is scattered all over Japan and even has a few branches in the United States. Each Daiso carries a slightly different selection than any other in my experience. This is based largely on location. The very large shop closest to my home sells no food whatsoever because it is located on the second floor of a supermarket and my guess is an arrangement was made so the low-cost foodstuffs sometimes carried at Daiso wouldn't compete with the pricier items in the market.

I recently discovered a small Daiso in the basement of an office building not too far from one of my workplaces. This one carries a great many snacks, instant food items, and drinks. I bought some instant vanilla coffee there which totally blew in terms of taste (it tastes like cheap vanilla candles smell). I did not purchase, but took a picture to note, this very odd combination of flavors. I'm all onboard with chocolate and fruit flavors in general, but melon cocoa sounds like a pretty disgusting pairing to me.


Japan-Australia said...

The Daiso Superstore also just recently opened up in Australia :)

Japan Australia

Theresa said...

I love Daiso! I live in the suburbs of Seattle, and there's a Daiso in the mall a few miles away. I've purchased products you've reviewed there a couple of times.

Orchid64 said...

Thanks to both of you for the comments!

I love the Daiso in all of its forms, though the food can fall a bit short of the mark at time. ;-)