Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Picture #84

I think something called "Rescue Water" ought to do more for you then merely relieve you of dehydration. It should contain some sort of chemical that either paralyzes attackers when you fling it in their face or puts them to sleep when you offer them a lovely beverage before they rob you ("say, Mr. Bad Guy with a knife, you've looking a little parched, can I offer you a drink before you relieve me of my wallet?"). Unfortunately, this is just a sports drink type of deal created by a company that sells sporting clothes and specializes in something or other related to baseball. There's probably a deeper meaning to the number written on the bottle (171), but I'm just too lazy to find out what it is.


Hiyodori said...

The number 171 refers to the telephone number of NTT's Disaster Emergency Message System.

Information in English here:

Orchid64 said...

Thanks, Hiyodori!

Japan-Australia said...

I haven't seen Rescue Water before. Looks like a typical sports drink but love the name :)

Japan Australia

Blue Shoe said...

The shape and coloring do make it look somewhat like a piece of emergency equipment. Very nice.