Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Picture #88

It's that time of year... well, not really, but Japan has caught up with the U.S. on offering up Christmas the minute the detritus of Halloween has been swept aside (which happens about 3 seconds after the shops close on October 31). Krispy Kreme is doing its part by re-issuing two of the three donuts it offered last year along with a mont blanc (chestnut cream) offering. The Christmas wreath, which I reviewed in a previous post, is nearly the same as before but a star replaces the dried cranberry "berries" from the previous version. The snowman, pictured here smiling despite having had a bite taken out of his posterior, is filled with berries, or sugary goop which masquerades as something vaguely berry-like. Of the offerings, only the chestnut one holds much appeal for the likes of me, but I'm guessing I'll give it all a pass this year. 


Japan-Australia said...

These look so good. Our local Krispy Kreme shut down awhile ago and it hasn't been the same since.

Japan Australia

Connys World said...

unfortunately i will arrive in tokyo at the 29th december so x-mas is over - but i hope i can find good winter or new year snacks ^^

mysli said...

I've never before eaten a doghnut, but those look delicous. Especially the one with Chestnut. The snowman reminds me of the german "Berliner", but in a way cuter form!

KK said...

i have no idea where to find cupcakes in tokyo!

i'll go swing by the akasaka krispy kreme soon! thanks for the update!