Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Picture #91

Regional KitKats would be a lot more impressive to me if they were actually confined to the region they supposed spawn from within. As it is, no one is exactly zealously guarding carrying them over the borders of one prefecture into another. In fact, no one seems to be stopping them from being sold at every major station in Tokyo and in particular at Narita airport. That's okay. I think the whole regional food thing is overplayed in Japan anyway and if you want to get on your yubari melon KitKat (a Hokkaido version), all you have to do is good enough at a claw game ("UFO Catcher") to knock the box into the hole. Trust me when I say it is easier said than done.


totoro said...

Is it only Japanese characteristic culture to produce such kind of the region original sweets or things?
The combination between melon and chocolate, the taste's feeling depend on each person. But recently, December and January, in Japan, there are entrance examination for each school. The students who have to take entrance examination, they want to rely on something great, something hopeful. So, Kit Kat is similar pronunciation "きっとかつぞ". In this season, Kit kat chocolate's sales very well, I think.

Japan-Australia said...

I love the different regional additions of snacks in Japan and they make great souvenirs when visiting those regions. Good and Bad in a sense that they are sold all over. Good in the fact that you can get them anytime and Bad in the fact that they are now not so special anymore.

Japan Australia