Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Picture #92

Christmas tins, tubs and boots are out in force in Japanese supermarkets. Most kids get only one Christmas present in Japan, and I guess this might be one of them. I have an odd fascination with these things. There's something neat about the large volume of snacks settled in these things, though the truth is that most of the food in them is pretty low-rent stuff and the whole is not worth the sum of the parts. These canisters, which are made of plastic, are probably supposed to be used for some other purpose when the snacks are consumed (possibly a trash can?).

Though I kind of want to try one of these, the truth is that I don't like that cat and I can't bring myself to spend 1000 yen (about $13) knowing I'm contributing to its continued presence on this planet, no matter how alluring a barrel full of random snacks is to me. 


Japan-Australia said...

These look pretty cute and would make a good omiyage Christmas gift from Japan.

Japan Australia

totoro said...

Is it something odd thing in such kind of snack cans?
I think it's originally from Europe or foreign culture,
not Japanese.
Do you have same type of sales in snacks in USA?

nina said...

I find Hello Kitty quite cute :). And the canister, maybe you can use it as a stationery storage.

Orchid64 said...

totoro: I don't recall such cans in the U.S. We tend to have stockings. I don't know if these are European or not. The way in which they are made in Japan though is, as many things are, thoroughly Japanese. ;-)

totoro said...

Thank you for your reply.

If only the inside stuff in the canister are not low-rent stuff. More valuable stuff like Kentucky Fried Chicken or like that.