Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Picture #103

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My husband and I recently paid a visit to the famous Chinatown in Yokohama. We did this because the food is supposed to be so good and more authentic than what you can get in other parts of Japan. We walked around and discovered that the food selection is highly limited. You mainly see the same food over and over again at various restaurants and snack shops and I went into enough shops to assert that with confidence. On Friday, I will review a few of the things we picked up. For now, I'm showing you a storefront selling a typical array of sweets including mooncakes, almond cookies, fried dough twists, steam cakes, and sesame mochi balls. I've had the sesame mochi balls in a restaurant before and they were awesome, but likely fresher than what was on offer in these shops. I've also had steam cakes and they are spectacular from Japanese makers, but so calorific that I passed. And, I passed on the fried dough twists as they sort of scared me since they were hard as a rock.


Japan-Australia said...

Yokohama has the best Chinatown in Japan and it is pretty good. A lot of food is tailored to the Japanese palate, so is not exactly what you would find in China and is mainly Chinese dishes that are popular in Japan.

Japan Australia

Steffi said...

Kobe Chinatown is the same (50% dumplings, 40% meat on a stick, 10% others), and I guess so is every Chinatown in the world. They only sell the popular food in the streets.