Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Picture #105

Rilakkuma, the "relax bear", is starting to outpace "Hello Kitty" as Japan's most desirable corporate shill. It's no surprise that it's easier easier to find the lazy bear at your local convenience store than the silent feline. He's encouraging Japan to mellow out, eat some gelatin and have a "happy holiday picnic". It'll only cost you 398 yen to have it out of a keepsake mug ($4.80) which probably would cost you a buck or less if it was sold without the added cost of gaining the rights to the cartoon bear's image. Obviously, I did not buy this. While the prospect of lemon gelatin is certainly somewhat appealing, I'd rather buy it from a plastic container for 200-300 yen less than this, but I am trying not to acquire new possessions to cart back home to America.

1 comment:

XJ said...

Being someone who has been a long time fan of San-X I too have noticed how popular the little bear has gotten. So popular that he has overshadowed my long time favorite Kogepan :(