Friday, September 18, 2009

Kinako Petit Bit Chocolates

It occurred to me as I was pondering the writing of this review that these candies could be used as a very unkind way for a woman to break up with a guy. She could send him a packet of these and say that the candy was doing the talking for her in explaining the reason for the relationship ending. It'd be cold, of course, but at least he'd have some sugary goodness to console himself with.

If you're not looking to crush a man's soul, you can still enjoy the candy for itself. These kinako chocolates are firm, fresh, and sweet with an excellent balance between the sugar and the kinako flavor. Sometimes kinako is nuttier in flavor and sometimes it carries more of a soy flour taste. In this case, they carry more of a soy flour flavor. The taste hits you in a burst after the initial bite and is quite delightful. There are little puffs in them which make them a bit like a crunch bar, though the number of puffs isn't as high as something like a Crunky or Nestlé' Crunch bar.

There are 11 candies in each package and you can find these at New Days convenience store (among other places) for about 100 yen (about a dollar). Each candy is about 24 calories and well worth the price both on the hips and in the wallet. Male ego crushing is simply a potential side benefit.

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Kelly said...

Quite funny as I just finished reviewing a Bourbon product myself, then logged on to see yours! :)

I'm scared about trying Kinako flavour anything, but I don't know why. Reading you say it tastes like Pb makes me want to reassess my opinion now though. :)