Monday, November 30, 2009

KitKat Cookie Plus

This KitKat has been around for quite awhile and my review is late to the party. There are only so many KitKats I can get to, and I'd already done one of the cookie plus versions in a previous review. This one seemed less interesting than the whole grain one that I tried before. I'm not really inspired by the idea of mashed vanilla sandwich cookies (minus their filling) added to a KitKat. There are actually more "Cookie plus" varieties lurking about, but trying every single KitKat out there is less of a priority to me than continuing to sample a large variety of snacks and foods.

I found this box of mini bars at a local discount snack shop for about 130 yen ($1.43). There are 10 bars, each 4 cm. x 1.5 cm (1.6 in. x .6 in.). They're little more than two modest bites and I feel really wasteful eating more than one at a time because I'm leaving a trail of wrappers.

These smell like bittersweet chocolate, which is no surprise because that's the biggest flavor component. They are rather unlike conventional KitKats, which are milk chocolate. The cookies don't add much taste, but they do add texture and sweetness. There's a sugary graininess to them which is quite satisfying. I'm not sure if that's the texture of the cookies, but it probably is.

I really liked these because they weren't too sweet and the texture was even more satisfying than usual. If you like bittersweet chocolate, give these a try. I think that these are a much better variation than some of the white chocolate-based strange varieties that Nestlé Japan has come up with. They're not as exotic, but they are tastier.

This KitKat was also reviewed at Jen's KitKat blog.


(( Ms. K )) said...

So far there is no new kit kat coming to my local grocery stores. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I guess I need to wait longer to see a new flavor like cookie plus.

Orchid64 said...

I think this flavor might not be exotic enough to spread everywhere. Oddly, I think the really weird flavors are more likely to spread around - I see the royal milk tea one everywhere now in both mini and regular form.