Monday, December 13, 2010

Kabaya Hone Hone Saurus Chocolate

Every time I got to Seiyu supermarket, I peruse their ample kid's snacks section for anything new and interesting. One thing I have realized about these sections of cheap, small treats is that they don't see much updating when compared to more adult-size snacks. I guess the kids market isn't as fickle as the older set. Among the small packets of bubble gum, seaweed snacks, and cheap chocolates, the odd packaging of this Kabaya chocolate caught my eye. For 50 yen (60 cents), this 27-gram (about 1 oz.) bar was mine for sampling.

The name of this product translates essentially to "bonesaurus". It's the sort of name that a company could never give a product back home because of all of the snickering the idea might bring on from those for whom "bone" carries a certain hormonally-linked meaning. It would have been beyond awesome if someone had named this product in English instead of Japanese.

The bar is divided into three segments and each has a white chocolate representation of a dinosaur's head on top of a bittersweet shell that that hides a softer milk chocolate center. When you bite into it, you discover that there are also little crunchy bits in it. The combination of various chocolate flavors and textures creates a lovely sensation. The bittersweet chocolate intensity is stronger than most kid's candy bars, but not too strong. This is perhaps because it is tempered by the white chocolate and soft milk flavors.

This is an excellent little candy bar and I strongly recommend giving it a try if you have a chance. It's 157 calories for the entire bar and well worth it. I wouldn't  hesitate to have this again.

Note that this candy is related to a series of plastic toys that Kabaya sells. You can see those toys here.


Nat said...

Thanks for the review.

Serena said...

Cute, this sounds really delicious. ^.^