Friday, December 10, 2010

Strawberry Cake KitKat (mini)

I have a feeling this will be one of my shortest reviews ever. This is because strawberry KitKats are often pretty much more of the same. The fact that this one is named "strawberry cake" seems more like an effort to re-brand something relatively mundane and oft-recycled into something more interesting and the pessimist in me (and the part that has sampled a lot of strawberry KitKats) stops me from having and real hopes.

The only reason that this is getting reviewed is that I wandered into a 7-11 to buy something else and saw a box of mini bars for sale individually for only 42 yen (50 cents). I figured that was a small price to pay for a chance to speak derisively about yet-another-strawberry-KitKat. Since this is a mini bar, both fingers together make up about the same volume as 1.5 regular KitKat fingers. There's no calorie information on these individual sale packets, but I'd wager it's about what most of these are, between 66 and 70 calories.

When I unwrapped it, I smelled that very familiar fake strawberry and sweet white chocolate smell. The bar is pale pink and quite sweet, and while it does carry pretty much the same strawberry flavor as all of the other variations of this, there is a little something else there as well. Whatever it is does have some sort of essence of "cake", but it is extremely weak. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't detect it unless you were looking for it. To me, it came across as a sort of vanilla, cream, and flour combination flavor.

The whisper of an element of this which resembles "cake" is certainly not worth seeking out this bar. Unless you are head over heels in love with the idea of a strawberry KitKat, you might want to give this a pass. It's nice enough, for sure, but more of the same old, same old for the most part.

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Nat said...

looks good. I want to try the milk ichigo one more though. Thanks for the awesome review ;)