Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Picture 51

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There's a retro candy shop in the Saitama LaLaPort shopping complex that my husband and I visited late last year that carried a huge variety of old-fashioned Japanese candy and some toys. I wanted to go there to see if I could pick up some nifty retro snacks for review. Unfortunately, they were blasting Japanese pop music so ear-splittingly loud that I could not bear to remain in the shop for much time at all. I'm not kidding about how unpleasant it was. My husband left immediately and only took pictures from outside of the shop because it was so unbearable.

The shop had some pretty interesting stuff, but unfortunately I wasn't sufficiently deaf to endure shopping there. I guess they feel that, if you can still hear well enough not to require a hearing aid, then you are too young to remember the contents of this shop and therefore do not need to be in it.


Mari Mari said...

i love your snack reviews!

Orchid64 said...

Thank you, Mari Mari!

p00lriah. said...

that's an interesting business practice: let's drive out all the customers by annoying them to death.

on the other hand, this reminds me of that foxy brown (the rapper) deal. she completely lost her hearing temporarily, and right before she did she was cranking up the volume in the studio so much she drove everyone nuts. she didn't know because she couldn't hear unless the volume was on full blast. maybe that could be it. anyway, i recommend ear plugs or those headphone-style hearing protectors you see pistol shooters wear. that'll make things bearable. :)

Perry Strange said... impulse control issue, maybe?

--but I think that it's likely more of a neurological problem. The inability connect the appealing "sight" of bad pizza with a store of previously recorded stimuli relating to the lived experience of bad pizza.

But there's no reason to pathologize what is, essentially, a kind of misguided idealism. And this behavior is, I think, more widely distributed in the general population than anyone would care to admit...

...otherwise, I wouldn't keep buying those stupid "pizza" taquitos out from under the heat-lamps at 7-11. The "crust" is a corn tortilla...