Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Random Picture #120

One of my friends recently told me that he revisited his childhood by buying Otter Pops. Though he is about 17 years younger than me, those were a part of my childhood too. For those whose younger years were not graced, or disgraced depending on you viewpoint, with the dubious joys of Otter Pops, I'll say that they are plastic tubes of sugary liquid that you toss in the freezer for a cheap frozen treat. Parents can buy them by the 100 and give their kids something cold to shut them up in the summer. 

When I saw these Koala School drink tubes, it reminded me a lot of Otter pops, though the cartoon animals and plastic tubes really are pretty much where the comparison ends. As far as I could tell, these are not meant to be frozen and the flavors include orange, yogurt, and strawberry (whereas Otter Pops have 8 flavors). Even though these are really cheap, 88 yen/$1.10, they aren't as cheap as Otter Pops. I did like how these seem to be designed for kids, but show a bartender shaking a shaker on the front. 


Susie Eichel said...

Those remind me of the frozen treat Bolis made by JelSert (the same folks that make Otter Pops).
Maybe the treats you featured in today's blog can be frozen? Maybe?

2 problems with Bolis:
1) The plastic is really thick and can darn near rip your teeth out if you are trying to tear one open.
2) If you have someone cut it open with a knife or scissors above where it tapers you can't enjoy the Bolis without letting it melt first :(
Otter Pops win hands down.

KeFeak said...

You do freeze these, then snap them in half, they are super yummy and taste much better than otterpops cause they are more creamy!

Orchid64 said...

Susie: I never heard of Bolis before! These do look a lot like them though. I guess the cheap and simple Otter Pops packaging serves the whole concept better!

KeFreak: Thanks for the info. I am not surprised that they are better because they are creamy. So many things in Japan are creamier (and fattier).

Thanks to both of you for reading and commenting!