Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Picture #121

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The name of this energy bar by Asahi caught my eye because it sounds like a noise someone would make when they sneezed, or possibly something you say after someone sneezes (gesundheit). We often say that a sneeze sounds like "a-choo" and the Japanese say that it sounds like "hakushon" (hah-koo-show-n), but neither of these really seems right to me. If I could start my own little trend, I'd encourage people to start saying that it sounds like "gatzun", or "jabarkas", but the latter is a whole other story entirely. 

Returning to the matter at hand, these energy bars are fortified with all sorts of vitamins and minerals so that you don't have to eat actual food to get nutrition. The text under the name says, "this is a cake with cream, a functional food." I certainly wouldn't want to purchase a non-functioning food-stuff. 

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Dustin said...

I love the variety of snacks in Japan. Thanks for informing us of another! My favorite food is yatsuhashi. I stock up whenever I'm in Kyoto. I also can't keep up with all the Kit-Kat flavors.