Friday, June 10, 2011

Fujipan Lemon Cake

 "Born from an exhausting research of fine tastes. We provide a first-class taste brought directly from the earth." This is what Fujipan has written in elegant script on the front of the package of the lemon cake I'm about to review. I think that means these are baked by Morlocks, or the mole people. Either way, I'm inspecting it carefully before I take a bite to make sure there aren't any Eloi baked inside.

I found this cake in Seiyu supermarket's giant ass pile of baked goods. It looks like a yard sale of consumer-grade pastries after it has been liberally picked over and fondled by retirees and housewives who would rather fondle the baked goods than attend to their irate children. It was next to a lemon melon pan, and this won the contest for which one I'd buy because I knew my husband would split this large cake (about the size of two Hostess cupcakes) with me but not the melon pan. It cost a mere 100 yen ($1.21).

The cake has a lemon glaze on the outside and is split open ostensibly to pipe lemon cream into the center. While the glaze covers all of the top, the lemon cream is extremely sparse. In fact, there was probably a smidge (that's a technical term equivalent to about half a teaspoon) in my half. This is unfortunate because the cream is delicious with a strong zesty lemon flavor and a creamy richness. The rest of the cake is mainly skating by on two things, the texture and glaze.The cake iss moist, tender and slightly dense. The glaze is very lightly sweet and only cares a hint of lemon.

At about 340 calories, the whole cake is a bit of a calorie bomb, but if you can manage to muster up the self-control to only eat half, it makes a very nice treat for tea time or dessert. The texture is exceptional for a packaged cake and, while I could have done with more lemon in the glaze and definitely more of the lemon cream filling, I'm satisfied with the taste and sweetness level as well. I could definitely see buying this again.


Burp and Slurp~! said...

It looks so small. How can any human being manage to eat only half? I'm a bit surprised that it is all 340 calories. I wonder where all that calories comes from...

Anonymous said...

I have been freezing everything I bake, trying not to go over my allotted dessert daily calorie intake is tough, I got to stay strong if I want to wear my bikini on vacation this summer... UGH tough! Having half always seems to "scratch that itch" = )

Orchid64 said...

Burp: They come from fat! Japanese food, especially various snacks, are always high in fat. My husband and I split this, so we did manage to eat just half. It does help to have someone to share with. ;-)

Elle: I can understand your struggle, though a bikini and me will never be introduced. ;-)

Thanks to both of you for your comments!