Friday, June 17, 2011

Mister Donut Orange Madeleine Donut

As of this post, I realize I've been talking a lot about donuts as of late. I assure you that I have not turned into a Homer-Simpsonesque donut-eating fiend. It is mere coincidence... or at least I think it is. Perhaps spring is a time when an older woman's fancy turns to donuts, or there have just been a lot of opportunities to sample new and interesting things. This post was motivated by the fact that Mister Donut has come out with a line of donuts which tout, among other things, the inclusion of vegetables and fruit.

Click to see a larger size. Image captured from Mister Donut's web site.  

This particular type of donut does not have any vegetables in it as I was too chicken to try those ones. In the U.S., I'd have some confidence that the veggies would be well-hidden under thick layers of sugar, flour, fat, and more palatable flavors. In Japan, where the cheese danishes are made with sweetened Gouda and cheddar, I fear that a donut made with chocolate and gobo (burdock) will actually taste like burdock. The same goes for the sweet potato and spinach one, which is incredibly green and probably appeals only to someone with Popeyesque levels of enthusiasm for spinach.

This donut is not actually a donut. Even on the Mister Donut web site, they liken it to a madeleine. It's really close to pound cake. It's sweet, heavy, and moist with subtle orange flavors except where there are little bits of sweetened orange embedded in it. It's a truly delicious bit of cake and well worth the 157 yen ($1.95) and 241 calories. Frankly, it does inspire me to try some of the "riskier" flavors, though I'm much more likely to go for the pumpkin one if I'm to try a vegetable-based one.

These were released at the end of May and I'm not sure how long they'll be on offer. These types tend to peter out in 2-3 months so strike while the iron is hot if they interest you. This particular variety is definitely worth your attention.


Helen said...

I think I'll be asking my hubby if we can visit Mr. Donut tonight after dinner! These sound good.

Don't be too afraid of chocolate and gobo though. I had a really nice piece of cake at a "healthy food" restaurant that was chocolate gobo cake. I couldn't taste the gobo at all! (Think about chocolate zucchini cake...same idea.) I was skeptical, but I LOVE chocolate so I tried it. It was really nice and moist.

Connys World said...

oh they look so damn delicious ^^ i hope i can try them in december :)

yjoyce said...

I actually tried the spinach one! It is simply bad to have a Mister Donut right in front of the JR station where I go for work every day. It was ok. There were pieces of yam in the "donut" (I think it tasted more like a ring cake than donut). It wasn't super spinach, but I would give it an "indifferent" rating. =P

Trish said...

A sweet potato doughnut actually sounds so good right about now!

Orchid64 said...

Thanks for all of the comments! I hope to at least try one more before they vanish (the chocolate gobo is sounding especially good... the spinach rather not so much).

AdelaideBen said...

Oh - if only we could get Mister Donuts here in Australia. It's one of those things that we almost always have to get, especially when we return to Sapporo.

New or traditional flavours... I'm not that fussy!

Dani said...

I know I'm a little late on this, but I'm with Trish...I'd order the sweet potato donut! And, the orange one as well. Both in a take-out bag, please. :) Please let us know if you do end up trying any of the other ones!