Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oreo Bits "Ice Flavor" (Lemon)

Ice is made of water and water tastes like pretty much nothing. If these cookies were actually "ice flavor(ed)", then they'd taste like nothing, right? We can thank this confusing naming convention on the energy conservation efforts which I have mentioned before. Marketers are going crazy trying to fool people into thinking eating, drinking, or fanning themselves with various products will produce coolness. Suffice it to say, you may have better luck cooling off with these Oreos if you fanned their tiny little selves than if you ate them. Eating does produce a thermic response, after all, and the very act of ingesting calories will warm you up.

Setting aside the dumb attempt to make you think these cookies are going to cool you off, they are actually pretty tasty. They are lemon cream-filled Oreos with a sweet, tart and bitterness combination that has depth as well as a good textural combo with the crunchy cookies and smooth, soft creamy center. The lemon is strong enough to compete favorably with the bitter chocolate cookie exterior, but not so much as to clash. The sweetness level is right about where it needs to be to balance everything out.

I found these cookies at a local convenience store for 103 yen (about $1.25 for a 60-gram (a little over 2 oz.) bag. This gets you 20 cookies at about 15 calories a cookie (296 calories for the entire bag). The pricing is rather peculiar since stores usually don't price such that you'll have to fish out one-yen coins. I'm not going to argue with it though as it is a little cheaper than expected for this portion size (at least in Japan).

I really enjoyed these, as did my husband, but a lot depends on how you feel about the lemon and chocolate combination. Some people love the mix of citrus and chocolate and others rather not so much. It also depends a lot on how you feel about the particular combination of Oreo bitter chocolate cookies with such flavors, but I found it very much to my liking. I'm also a great fan of this sort of portion size because sometimes after a meal, I just want a bite or two of a cookie and these somewhat larger than a dime/one-yen coin cookies really do the trick.

Just a gentle reminder that there is a contest running for two weeks to win a few snack and snack-related goodies. If you'd like to enter, the details are in this post.


glaciajo said...

What a relief that it was a lemon flavored filling. I would have assumed "ice" meant something like menthol...hahahah.

Orchid64 said...

Menthol would have been AWFUL. I hadn't even considered that possibility when I bought them, or I may not have tried them. ;-)

Thanks for your comment!