Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Picture 31

Last month my husband attended the Koenji Awaodori festival and took some pictures including this shot of the Colonel in a hapi coat for the festivities. He's like a big Ken doll for the Japanese as they dress him differently depending on the occasion. The Koenji Awaodori festival has over a million visitors in 2 days and features folks doing traditional harvest dancing as well as, of course, food. The KFC people sold their usual dreck, but also had a big cooler full of overpriced drinks.

Summer has finally exited, and posting this picture of the Colonel in this uniquely Japanese (and common summer) attire is my way of telling it not to let the door hit it on the ass on the way out. This past summer was long, intense, and excruciating, and I'm glad it's finally over.


siti the twins said...

that outfit suits to Colonels. Nice!

bingata744 said...

I love the way Col Saunders is dressed up in Japan -- soon Santa!! Have you ever seen one dressed for Halloween? That just crossed my mind -- what an opportunity! Love your blog! We'll be back to Japan Nov 2011 -- can't wait.

Orchid64 said...

Thanks to both of you for commenting!

Bingata: I've never seen him dressed for Halloween - just for Christmas and festivals. There's an elephant mascot that is put in front of drug stores that is dressed differently for seasons (spring, winter, etc.) as well as holidays that sees more costume changes than the Colonel.