Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 28

If you click this image, a bigger one should load and the text on the can should be readable.

Seeing this can of "energen" on sale in a vending machine, I was heartened to learn that Japanese manufacturers can make spurious weight loss claims as freely and easily as any other country's. If you read the small print, you'll see that this is a sports drink. I have never seen it on sale anywhere but in machines, and I must say that I am singularly unimpressed by the presentation and package design. It looks like an office worker with minimal working knowledge of Microsoft Publisher cobbled it together. I am more impressed by the fact that there is so much English on the can, and that it's actually pretty accurate.


Nora said...

Do the Calorie Mate people make Energen, by any chance? (It doesn't seem that way, but one could be forgiven for thinking so given the very similar packaging.)

Nora said...

Oops, I take it back! Energen and Calorie Mate are indeed both made by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. Maybe their status as essentially a drug company has something to do with the plainer packaging they seem to prefer.

openyard said...

omg this is the kind of blog I've been wishing to find for ages!
*super happy*

thank you for posting all the information and pictures :D

gossip_bangkok said...

The drink beside Energen tastes like water.. The cocoa one. I wonder why all the chocolate drink in Japan tastes so.. watery?