Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Picture 68

Due to the earthquake, energy conservation is much on Tokyo-ites minds and marketers are doing whatever they can to capitalize on this. Doutor coffee shop is selling liters of pre-made iced coffee with a fan tucked into the bags as a one-stop-shop for cooling yourself down. Fans have always been distributed for free during the summer in Japan, but I've seen them offered in far greater volume this year than ever before. What is more, I've seen them used more early and often by people because air conditioning is being set at around 80-82 degrees F. (26.6-28 degrees C.) these days, with the upper range being the most common. Everyone is sweating, and the marketers know it.

I think that pre-made ice coffee is supposed to carry more appeal this season as well because it doesn't require you to brew hot coffee first and cool it. This economically more attractive option used to be the one my former office pursued, but I'm betting everyone is finding this sort of convenience a lot more attractive under the current situation.

Just a gentle reminder that there is a contest running for two weeks to win a few snack and snack-related goodies. If you'd like to enter, the details are in this post.

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Anonymous said...

I could not believe how hot it was the other day in June no less. That is just crazy! I've been trying to build up endurance for a 5k next summer (working out for 15 without any AC). I couldn't be do it any longer than 15 min. Some say Florida has the worst heat, but they haven't been to Japan yet, Florida is a dream compared to Rainy season in Japan. I LOVE ice coffee, but there better be a bathroom near by.