Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Picture #125

Photo courtesy of BlogD (used with permission).

The "Cream Clan" sounds like the less threatening cousin to the KKK. Where one hurts minorities and espouses white supremacy, the other simply plies you with hydrogenated fats and waits for your arteries to slowly clog up. Instead of burning crosses on lawns, they'd probably dump bags of sugar in the hopes of attracting carpenter ants to your property and slowly taking down your house. The members of the Cream Clan would be far more patient about how they destroy their enemies (and those enemies would be those freaks out there who eschew junk food and eat whole food and fresh fruit and vegetables).

This shot from a convenience store (taken very recently by my brother-in-law who lives in Japan) features a peanut cream cookie and an, obvious, Oreo knock-off. If I were in Japan at this moment, I'd do what he did and take a picture of the funny name and possibly buy the peanut one. My expectation would be that it would not be very good, but since there is so little in the way of peanut butter sweets, I'd toss my 100 yen ($1.27) into the cash register with minimal hopes that something good might come of it.

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