Tuesday, March 4, 2014

McDonald's American Funky BBQ Beef and Chicken Burgers (product information)

I have to admit that I've resisted posting about this release because it's almost too easy to talk about McDonald's "American Vintage" releases. I'm never sure of what makes them more "American Vintage" than the original Big Mac. I'm thinking that it's the fact that old-fashioned cartoon figures are used to promote them. While Roy Lichtenstein might be impressed, or he would be if he hadn't already gone to the great art studio in the sky in 1997, I think that "vintage" should mean they're cracking open old bottles of barbeque sauce from the 1980's and slathering that on the burgers. Of course, they may actually be doing that since the sauce is "funky".

As you can see by the carefully staged pictures, the beef comes with bacon, two patties, pickles, cheese, and lettuce with cheese. The chicken is a simpler affair with a fried chicken patty, lettuce, and cheese. Of course, both have the "vintage" sauce. People who have sampled these have mentioned that the chicken is very crispy and that the cheddar cheese on the burgers is pretty nice. Most like the barbeque sauce, but a few felt it was too strong or sweet. One even referred to it as "stinky". I'm thinking "caveat emptor". If you've tried one of these, let me know what you thought of it.

This is the sort of thing I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole whether I was in Japan or America. In fact, I'm pleased to say I've been McDonald's free for quite a number of years now. That isn't because there is anything wrong with MickeyD's. It's just that I only resort to fast food when I haven't planned my eating well enough for something more nutritious

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