Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tyrant Habanero Black Curry (product information)

History has seen its fair share of tyrants - Caligula, Stalin, Pol Pot, and, of course, everybody's low-hanging fruit in the game of "name that maniac", Hitler. A lesser-known tyrant is, of course, Tyrant Habanero. It doesn't commit genocide, but rather attempts to slaughter your taste buds with insanely hot, salty snack treats. Of course, what it does to your mouth is nothing to compared to what it's going to do to the end of your digestive tract on the other way out. Oh, the humanity!

Tohato continues to expand it's line of mouth-burning snack treats with a black curry version of it's salty pressed food-stuff. The chips are shaped as you see them on the illustration. They're supposed to resemble naan bread, but that wasn't the first thing that came to my mind. Black curry is usually dyed with squid ink or some other coloring to make it that color. Word is that Sri Lanka has an actual black curry with unique spices, but I'm betting more on the squid-assisted variety in this snack than the more exotic option. If I can locate this at a Japanese market, I'll certainly give it a try. If any of my readers have sampled it already, I'd be curious to hear your impressions.


Hiyodori said...

It's definitely worth trying, and surprisingly tasty. What it is not, however, is as spicy as the packaging would lead you to believe!

Even a Japanese friend who is not into curry vindaloo (neither am I, for that matter) thought that it could use a little more kick. We finished the bag off in one go, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I could bring myself to try these, but I'd also love to have a pack purely to dare friends and family with! Haha

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Orchid64 said...

Your experience leaves me a bit torn. I like fairly hot stuff, but this does sound promising. Next time I'm at Mitsuwa, I hope to score it!

Thanks for sharing!