Monday, April 13, 2009

Espresso Coffee KitKat

Espresso coffee conjures up notions of dark, syrupy, rich flavors. To be honest, I'm not man enough to drink espresso. Since I'm a woman, that's not something that I view as a particular failing. I'm more of a milk and sugar type of female than a super black coffee type.

I think the fact that I don't generally actually drink espresso is important to keep in mind when you consider my evaluation of this KitKat. Chances are that, if it lived up to the tradition of true espresso, I wouldn't like it. Fortunately, this is a good "failure" from my point of view. In this case, a white chocolate-based KitKat has been used to advantage. Mixing strong coffee flavor with sweet white chocolate takes the edge off the bitterness and reminds one more of a latte with a bite or even some fairly nice instant coffee.

This bar smells very weakly of coffee and the first bite is pretty sweet. Subsequent bites progressively reveal more and more of a bitter finish with a slightly salty edge. This bit of salt works exceptionally well. It amplifies the coffee bitterness and blunts the sweetness.

I really enjoyed this bar and would certainly consider buying it again if I was in the mood. I think it'd serve well as a substitute for a sweet coffee beverage. I'm not sure that it will suit everyone, but I think it's worth at least trying if you're a coffee fan.

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Helen said...

I tried this last week and I enjoyed it too. I'm not into strong coffee either, but thought the KitKat was very nice, and agree about the white chocolate blending well with the coffee.

Not sure I'd buy it again, but I might.