Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kabaya Jersey Milk Candy

I grew up around cows, and I always thought they were cute. To this day, seeing the image of a cow warms my heart a little bit. I just realized that, if I were a former farm boy instead of a woman, that last line would seem mighty creepy. Trust me when I say that I never had an inappropriate relationships with a bovine, unless you consider the one my family had as a pet until my parents sent her off to become a freezer full of steaks and burgers. (Yes, I cried.)

There are a lot of "milk" flavor treats in Japan. I'm never sure what they're supposed to taste like, and some of them don't seem to taste like anything, but when I unwrapped one of these candies, I knew by the color what it was going to taste like. The candy tastes like sweetened condensed milk. It isn't creamy, chewy, or silky despite having cream powder and cream cheese and boasting a content of 8.5% milk. It is nice hard candy though which you can suck on for awhile and fill your mouth with the flavor of the type of sweet condensed milk that you can buy in tubes in Japanese markets and squeeze on strawberries.

There are 26 candies (at 20 calories per candy) in the bag and I found it for 98 yen (about a dollar). In fact, the price was one of the biggest reasons that I decided to sample these. Normally, I'm not really drawn to this sort of thing, but I thought "what the heck" when I noticed how cheap it was. I was really on the fence with my rating on this, but not because it isn't well-made or enjoyable. "Happy" ratings are reserved for things which I think I'll buy again, and I'm not sure I'd buy this again because I'm just not a huge fan of condensed milk. However, if I were, I'd certainly get these again.


Cook Japan said...

these are so nice, haven't had them for years. i used to also love "milk pudding" when i was living in japan

Orchid64 said...

Hi, and thank you for your comment and for reading!

They are tasty, but I do have a fear of sucking on too many hard candies and destroying my teeth! ;-)

I'm adding your blog to my Japan blog lists, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I have not tried these yet but I do have a love for condensed milk, I used to use it in my coffee (the unsweetened type) LOVE it, and I bet these candies are right up my alley..

Kelly said...

I've got ren-nyu on my mind since leaving Japan..orchid you're making me home-sick!! ;)

Great review :)))

Mehndi said...

Great review, makes me want to try this one! I wonder if I can get them online?!

Orchid64 said...

Hi, Mehndi, and thank you for your comment. I'm afraid that, since I live in Japan, I don't really know where one can reliably buy Japanese snacks, but you might want to do a Google search on "shopping for Japanese snacks" or something similar.

Good luck!

sannorte said...

hi! do you know were in USA can I get Kabaya candies??? I´ll apreciate a lot if yo0u can share it with me can you send an email


Orchid64 said...

Sorry, sanorte, but I don't live in the U.S. so I can't help you find a resource for these candies. You might want to search rakuten.