Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pure Plum Gummy

I love the line of Pure gummy candies. I've reviewed a few of them in the past, and have sampled a few that haven't made the blog. The introduction of an ume (plum) version intrigued me because I'm generally a fan of sour Japanese plums and thought there was good potential in the sweet and sour combination in Pure's gummy candy.

These Pure gummies are made similarly to all the other types. They are firm gummies that are slightly tough and covered in citric acid powder. They're both sweet and sour at the same time. With flavors like lemon, blueberry, orange, etc., this works very well. With plum, it didn't work quite so well. Strong plum flavor isn't pleasant. It's like over the top banana flavor in that way. There is a reason that you don't find many people spreading plum jam on their toast or drinking plum juice.

These were okay, and I enjoyed the same sour and sweet mixture that is used in all Pure gummies, but I simply didn't find the plum flavor very pleasant. There's nothing wrong with these, and someone else might find them more pleasant than I. I think I'll stick to more conventional flavors from now on.


Anonymous said...

These used to be my favorite, I used to the the grape or Cassis... I like them because they have a bit of a surprise in the middle but come in a very small package.. Have not tried the Plum or Peach yet though. I wonder how many flavors they have.

I noticed the grape stated they used real fruit juice... but haven't had them in a long while. When I wanted to snack.. I always grabbed these. Now I'm onto hard candy.

Kelly said...

Gee, Plum jam is so popular in australia. Plum sauce too. What a pitty. I am addicted to this flavour!