Monday, February 22, 2010

Limited Edition Banana KitKat Mini

I would like to issue a plea to Nestle Japan to please stop issuing new KitKat flavors. I can't come up with any more creative ways to talk about them anymore. I'm tapped out, Nestle Japan, but I can't resist your weird flavor choices or the attractive ones that sound more appealing than they actually taste. For that matter, my husband can't either, and that's why I'm reviewing this banana KitKat today. He likes banana, so we bought this bag of minis at Okashi No Machioka where it was languishing in a bargain bin for 197 yen ($2.14). In fact, we waited about 6 months for the price to go down.

The package says that the banana flavor in these comes from Southern Japan. Sometimes I really wonder why the origin of food matters that much to the Japanese, but many companies make a point of saying the ingredients come from Japan. My husband found a packet of baby biscuits (for teething, most likely) that made a big deal out of them being made with Japanese rice. You wouldn't want your baby to start off life with the wrong sort of rice!

The problem with banana treats is always that there is a high chance that they'll taste fake, even when they're real. This KitKat is no exception. It tastes like it has artificial banana flavor mixed in with it. It's not bad at all, but you have to like chocolate and real banana that tastes fake. One good thing that I can say for it is that it's not overbearing in its banana flavor. It's not particularly mild either.

I didn't hate this at all, but I felt it was a waste of calories after consuming the 66 in the bar. My husband, who is far more tolerant of banana treats than me, also was relatively unexcited about these. He took the remainder of the bag to work where he will slowly consume them. Frankly though, I would have tossed out the rest. The enjoyment to junk food ratio was just too low.


Marvo said...

Banana KitKat was the first foreign KitKat I've ever heard of. But I believe it was a European KitKat.

I'd like to see Nestle come up with a Papaya KitKat.

Orchid64 said...

They may already have gone to the papaya route for all I know.

Personally, I'd like to see some mystery KitKats get made with completely new flavors. That'd be interesting.

Thanks for commenting, Marvo. :-)

cinabar said...

Artificial banana is the Marmite of the sweet world. I love regular banana as much as fake, but my boyf hates artificial banana, but eats real ones regularly.

Orchid64 said...

Hi, cinabar, and thank you for taking the time to comment and read!

I'm the same as your boyfriend - I eat real bananas all of the time, but really don't like the artificial flavor.

I'm adding your blog to the blogroll! :-)

bmgsrave said...

I LOVE that artificial banana taste...but Im not sure how good it is for you!!!

As a kitkat....mmmmmmm!