Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Weekend Picture 1

I'm starting a new feature where I post a random snack-related picture of some product that I'm not reviewing, but I believe might be of interest to readers. I've noticed that I have a pretty big collection of pictures of food items taken in supermarkets or other shops. I'd like to share in a small way some of the experience of shopping in Japan beyond the things I actually buy and review. These sorts of pictures will show up randomly (when I find one I want to share), with minimal information, and always as a bonus post on the weekend. They won't replace the regular weekday posts. I hope they are of interest to my readers. :-)

As part of the push to sell more KitKats to students studying for exams, Nestlé Japan is offering a jar of instant coffee with a box of a handful of mini KitKats on the side. The minis have a space on the back of them to write a message. This is how you know they are marketed toward people wanting to offer gifts of encouragement (and caffeine) to students. Note that the pink box design with flowers matches other products aimed toward students.


bmgsrave said... an interesting combination (speaking as a teacher that is)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I noticed your blog and have started to read it from time to time and I think its time I added you to my blogroll located here if you have twitter I am Davincivirus keep on posting good stuff. Go Japan!

Orchid64 said...

bmgsrave: In college, many of my classmates lived on coffee and cramming all night. Personally, I never crammed nor drunk coffee in college (I was more of a study as you go type). Now though, I do drink coffee! Thanks for your comment! :-)

davincivirus: Hi, and thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! Also, I really appreciate being added to your blogroll and I've added you to mine! I'm looking forward to following your blog!