Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Picture 35

In my other blog, I mentioned that one of the things that I get a kick out of are "unamerican American things". I'm sure that there are likely unjapanese Japanese things in the U.S. as well, so I'm not mocking the Japanese or anything, just enjoying the irony and ludicrousness of what I stumble across. I saw this curious display of "U.S.A. Premium Cola" outside of a grungy discount supermarket next to a grungy discount green grocer that I buy my carrots and onions at. The soda isn't made in America and has Japanese writing everywhere except on the design-challenged label. It's clearly one of those Japanese products that is marketed as "American" for reasons I have yet to understand.

The weird thing about it isn't only that it's only 39 yen (47 cents) a can, but that it's also a diet soda. While it's common back home to find soda for sale for very low prices, it is extremely rare to find anything cheaper than 50 yen here, and usually those are tiny little cans that only contain about 200 ml. of drink. I guess that if the flat-tasting and third-rate RC Cola can call itself "Royal Crown", then this crappy stuff can sell itself as "premium".

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