Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Picture #83

This past Monday was a national holiday in Japan, "Sports Day." To celebrate, the overwhelming majority of adults go shopping or sit at home and watch T.V. Kids sometimes take part in school sports activities. The holiday was created after Tokyo got the 1964 Olympics. It's too bad that Tokyo didn't get another one or we may have seen another national holiday hit the calendar. Of course, since all of the holidays were moved to Mondays (or Fridays, but usually Mondays), and my usual days off are Monday and Tuesday, it doesn't tend to do me any good when there's a national holiday.

My husband and I spent the day walking around Shibuya fighting crowds and taking pictures. This was a sign that we saw outside of a restaurant. The joke tells itself, but I feel it is encouraged by the fact that these are red balls that look like they might explode in your stomach.


Japan-Australia said...

That is a fantastic name :)

Japan Australia

somewan said...


I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say it is a pretty nice read.
Keep it up!

I also have a question:
Where is the store you mentioned that sells the reginal Kitkats?
I would love to visit while I'm in Japan.