Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Picture #132

Click to see a larger version and read the heartfelt message on the package.

I never bought Sanritsu's "Genji Pie", but I was given plenty of snacks of the exact same type throughout my employment at a Japanese company. Such pies are not very sweet, very flaky and have varying degrees of margarine or butter flavoring. My husband is a fan of such treats, but they don't tend to do much for me. I think it's the fact that they're always shedding bits of pie off like errant dandruff with every bite. I should note, incidentally, that one of my strongest memories of my earliest visit to Japan relate to the blueberry pie that Sanritsu made. It was one of the few snacks that my husband trusted before he understood what he was buying.

The message on the package is of special interest to me because, though the English is correct, the message is the sort that you would only find in Japan. It's so genuine and inappropriately warm for a product, especially a shelf-stable mass produced flaky pie-crust cookie. It's not like it was lovingly crafted by teams of grandmas, or even Lucyesque wacky grandmas trying comically to quickly make these pies on the conveyor belt. No, it's the cold hand of technology that is attempting to warm me up, and it can't do it with a mere pie.

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SusieTron FiveThousand said...

Oh I have had something like this. Though not my favorite, when I have it I like to dunk it in coffee. I grew up eating them as 'orejas' you can find them here from Bimbo (hehehehee). I wouldn't mind trying a taste test between the ones you found and the ones I have had.