Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Picture #139

In Japan, cans eat you.

This vending machine caught my eye because of the rather hungry-looking can on the right. These are both "Ultraman" cans that offer up lemonade with 1% juice as part of the mix. The prices are given in red because they are discounted by 20 yen (24 cents) per can (usual price is 120 yen/$1.47). When I see things like this, I wonder what the target market is, and if that market is collectors. Would they buy these cans and keep them around forever as part of their Ultraman collection? It seems a strange thing to keep, but when I was a KISS fan, I'm sure I would have kept a can of KISS Kola (of course, it would be spelled with a "K") around until it turned into battery acid that ate through the aluminum.

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