Thursday, January 8, 2009

KitKat Mail: Update

When I originally posted about the "KitKat Mail", I didn't expect to buy one, but my husband brought one home last night. I figured an update mainly to show pictures would be in order.

The back of the box (left side) is for writing a message to your child. You have to put the message on the outside since the box is tightly sealed and nothing can be inserted into it. The front (right side) is for addressing the box. The little box that says "stamp" tells you to use a 140 yen stamp.

Inside the box is a cardboard support and 4 individually-wrapped fingers. As I suspected, the volume of candy is the same as a normal bar (for about double the price of a regular bar).

At select stores during the early sales period, you might be given a free eraser with your purchase. On the back (in Japanese), it tells you that this is not a chocolate KitKat and that it is an eraser. I guess they were worried that you might try to eat the eraser. ;-)


Kelly said...

It would be pretty chewy!! :) That's like tagging a hair dryer not to be used in the shower...

Anonymous said...

I woulda probably taken a bite out of the eraser - it's definitely good to spell these things out for idiots like me. =)

Anonymous said...

This is adorable... I have not seen them here yet. Oh.. BTW, have you tried the new Nestle Macha with Black Sugar... (I heat milk up in the microwave--) If you are fan of green tea.. you'll love this.

Orchid64 said...

Kelly: I used to think only America warned people not to do the obviously wrong... then I read the back of that eraser.

Bryan: Of course, it's only spelled out if you can read Japanese. ;-) Still, you'd be hard-pressed to succeed in anything aside from embedding your teeth in the eraser. It's very firm.

Girl Japan: It is cute. There is so much cute stuff in Japan and I have no space to store any of it! I haven't seen the macha with black sugar one, but I'll keep an eye open for it! I'm nearly at the bottom of my current backlog of KitKats anyway! (two more to go then I'm caught up until Nestlé acts again!)

Thanks to all for the comments!